Call Center

Call Center

SNK's call center services are administrations performed by teleservices administrators in a call center condition and incorporate everything from noting the telephones to taking care of item reviews. For all intents and purposes any business procedure you can do by telephone, web or email can be outsourced to SNK. You can utilize our administrations to broaden your venture into new markets, give more grounded client bolster or even hold your current clients. We even offer administrations for all periods of the business procedure from showcasing to inside deals. By outsourcing to us, your business will profit by limiting staffing and overhead expenses. 

Inbound administrations concentrate on taking the approaching telephone calls to your business or organization. Example of the numerous inbound administrations include: answering phones, order processing, dispatch and help work area administrations. 

Outbound concentrate on making the active telephone requires your business or association. Cases of the numerous outbound administrations include: telesales, telemarketing and statistical surveying. 

Electronic are about mechanizing forms for your business or organization. Example incorporates interactive voice response (IVR), voice message and merchant locator. 

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) administrations are the point at which you assign the whole business procedure to us. Any inbound, outbound or electronic administration can be completely outsourced. However, examples of commonly outsourced services include fulfillment, email management and faxing. 

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